Thursday, July 09, 2020
Celebrating 15th Anniversary
Matrix Fine Chemicals
Know-how, Experience and Innovation!
15 years of success!
Matrix Fine Chemicals
Providing challenging solutions
15 years of success!
Matrix Fine Chemicals
Experience the real difference!



Innovative sourcing and supply for all your fine chemicals


Since 2001, our company has produced, sourced and supplied high quality fine chemical products in research, pilot and commercial quantities for pharmaceutical, personal care, flavor and fragrance and other industrial and governmental clients across five continents. 

With the unique industry experience of our employees and our flexibility in creating business solutions tailored to the customer’s needs our clients will confirm that their raw material sourcing is much easier. We are creating added value to every customer, every time and that makes a real difference.

Always one step ahead for your benefit:
  • We constantly identify, qualify, select and maintain relationships with worldwide producers and synthesis partners. All suppliers are audited on a regular basis.

  • We use our market and product knowledge to provide the optimum solution for our customers.

  • We respond rapidly to order requirements, overseeing them from order placement through to delivery; ensuring customers are kept informed of the order’s journey at all times.

  • Quality control testing is of critical importance and we guarantee the quality of the supplied products, so you can be confident that your chemical supplies will perform.

  • We are used to working within a strictly controlled, confidential and if desired exclusive environment with our clients that ensures all sensitive data, results and analysis are protected.

  • Our aim is to select producers and synthesis partners that have a safe and healthy working environment for their employees, while acting responsibly with respect to our environment.


At Matrix Fine Chemicals we believe that you should have a sourcing partner that understands your business, its values, its goals and priorities; and above all that you can trust, as if it were an internal department.


Matrix Fine Chemicals: Know-how, Experience and Innovation!

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