Thursday, July 09, 2020
Celebrating 15th Anniversary
Matrix Fine Chemicals
Know-how, Experience and Innovation!
15 years of success!
Matrix Fine Chemicals
Providing challenging solutions
15 years of success!
Matrix Fine Chemicals
Experience the real difference!



Know-how, Experience and Innovation!

We have built up a unique pool of knowledge and expertise and compiled our own database of products and potential suppliers that are often not shown on commercially available databases or the internet. We spend a large proportion of our time visiting producers and their facilities, finding out what their capabilities and strengths are. Consequently we can find your fine chemicals demand, quickly and efficiently.Our chemical search engine allows you to search our extensive listings by name, chemical formula or CAS number. However we are not constrained by a standard product list and have an open product range.

We guarantee the quality and full traceability of all our supplied products; our suppliers are audited regularly and independently; we deliver in quantities from grammes to tonnes and we are unique in maintaining the same source of supply from R&D through to commercialization - so you get guaranteed consistency and continuity of supply.

We can supply but are not constrained by the list shown below:


·         Acetophenones

·         Anilines

·         Aromatics

·         Benzaldehydes

·         Benzoic Acids

·         Benzyl Amines

·         Boronic Acids

·         Fluorinated Intermediates

·         Heterocyclic Compounds

·         Imidazoles

·         Indoles

·         Nitriles

·         Pyridines

·         Quinolines

We are known for our ability to source "hard to find products", so if a product that you are looking for is not listed on our chemical search engine, just send us your enquiry we will find it for you.

Matrix Fine Chemicals: Experience the real difference!

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