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Celebrating 15th Anniversary
Matrix Fine Chemicals
Know-how, Experience and Innovation!
15 years of success!
Matrix Fine Chemicals
Providing challenging solutions
15 years of success!
Matrix Fine Chemicals
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Our main focus is to help our clients by finding producers for "hard-to-find" key raw materials and pharma intermediates. This leads naturally onto out-sourcing custom synthesis projects, where there is no obvious commercial producer, but the client needs the product as a raw material. This can be achieved as a technology transfer, where the client provides an information package under secrecy agreement, or as real "R&D" chemistry where the producer's own in-house expertise allows them to offer a completely new product, never before available.

  • Research and Development
    Matrix Fine Chemicals offers focused, flexible, route scouting services to meet the individual needs of different customers from various industries. We can provide complex, multi-step synthesis and solving difficult chemistry-related problems. We have been synthesizing novel and rare organic compounds in the scale ranging from gram to kilogram.
    If you need help developing the chemistry that’s right for you, our large number of synthesis partners will offer you process development service, process scale up and sample preparation.  Fast – reliable and cost effective.

  • Custom Synthesis
    Matrix Fine Chemicals custom synthesis partners offer a full range of services in custom organic synthesis.

    We are specialized in complex multi-step custom synthesis. Whatever your custom synthesis needs are, our well selected synthesis partners have the experience and capacity to fulfill your request. Quickly and efficiently.

  • Outsourcing your Production
    We help you to outsource your production to our selected and assessed production partners (upon request also under GMP conditions) and present you other alternatives for your make or buy decision. Confidentiality is assured and exclusive manufacture is offered within the frame of a secrecy agreement.

  • Outsourcing of Purchasing
    Sourcing products yourself can be difficult, risky and time consuming: Hundreds of vendors with multiple contact points, web sites, payment terms and systems. Matrix Fine Chemicals has put at your disposal an outsourcing service dedicated to your needs. We have access to an extensive library of powerful databases combined with a tremendous knowledge of selected, reliable and new manufacturers/suppliers that are not shown on commercially available databases. Our unique sourcing ability means Matrix Fine Chemicals can offer an extensive product range of fine chemicals and hard to find chemicals. Why not benefit from our experience and outsource your purchasing to our experts?

At Matrix Fine Chemicals we enjoy and are passionate about what we do. It is not just about the product but we believe that we provide a valuable service package to our clients - more often than not we can find a solution to their needs, when no-one else could - by taking care of the sourcing, purchasing, logistics and delivery. That's why we state:

Matrix Fine Chemicals: Providing challenging solutions!

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