20 years company anniversary - a reason to celebrate

09/04/2021 | News

20 years company anniversary - a reason to celebrate

The best time to plant a tree is now!

If you generate more than CHF 20’000 net sales (or the equivalent in EUR/USD) in 2021, we will donate 20 trees (seedlings and 5 years of care) to the “one-tree-one-life” campaign one-tree-one-life.org from www.bos-schweiz.ch/de/home. This also as a “thank you” for our 20th anniversary. We are aware that we would not be what we are today without our customers.


We have been supporting social projects in Africa for years, supporting local sports clubs such as the “Sarganserland Unihockey Club” and, more recently, the “Flumserberg Ski Club”. Now we want to be active sustainably in environmental protection and CO2 reduction. With your help we can plant more trees and thus support 3 areas. With the reforestation of the rainforest in Borneo, Indonesia, we are not only doing something good for ourselves. We are also providing the orangutans and other threatened species with a habitat that we previously took from them. Together with volunteers, the local population is involved in the BOS Foundation project and can therefore also participate and benefit from the project. The rainforests in Indonesia provide us with the oxygen we need to breathe and to live. The rainforests regulate our world climate, but every year on Borneo alone 1.3 million hectares of rainforest are destroyed. This is one of the highest rates of deforestation in the world. Day by day, the livelihoods of orangutans and other threatened species are also dwindling. In the past 20 years orangutans have lost 55 percent of their natural habitat. Their population has therefore shrunk by more than 80 percent in the last 20 to 30 years. Even our children and grandchildren could no longer see orangutans in the wild! We are convinced that this commitment is also in your interests. At the beginning of 2022 we will inform you here again and activate a donation receipt.

About BOS Schweiz:


Borneo Orangutan Survival Association (BOS) Schweiz is a registered non-profit organization headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. Together with its international partner organizations—above all BOS Foundation in Indonesia—BOS Schweiz aims to permanently protect the last orangutans and preserve their habitat, the tropical rainforest in Borneo. For this purpose, BOS maintains what is currently the largest primate rescue and rehabilitation program in the world: in two rescue and rehabilitation centers in Borneo, injured, traumatized and orphaned orangutans receive urgent medical treatment and are—up to 10 years—prepared for a life in freedom. Since 1991, BOS has rescued over 3000 orangutans.

Since 2012, almost 500 have been released back into the wild in protected forest areas and about 400 are currently waiting to be released. Closely linked to these activities are reforestation projects, initiatives to promote sustainable development in Indonesia (microcredit projects, health initiatives and environmental education) as well as educational and public relations work in Switzerland.

About The One-Tree-One-Life Campaign:


Through the One-Tree-One-Life-Campaign, BOS Schweiz supports the reforestation of destroyed rainforest areas. The tree-planting is done by volunteers as well as local communities and employees of BOS Foundation in Borneo, Indonesia. Since 2017, the One-Tree-One-Life-Campaign bundles the reforestation and forest conservation efforts of BOS Schweiz. The aim of this campaign is to raise as many funds as possible for the BOS reforestation projects in East-Kalimantan (Samboja Lestari) and Central-Kalimantan (in the Mawas area).

Would you also like to be active? Then donate or give away trees yourself and experience how our joint commitment takes root in Borneo! More information at: www.one-tree-one-life.org


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