Kleinstadt Open Air 2024: A Vibrant Music Festival Supported by Matrix Fine Chemicals

09/07/2024 | News

Kleinstadt Open Air 2024: A Vibrant Music Festival Supported by Matrix Fine Chemicals

The picturesque town of Walenstadt, nestled in the heart of the Ostschweiz region, came alive on July 5th and 6th, 2024, as music enthusiasts gathered for the annual Kleinstadt Open Air (KSOA). This two-day extravaganza celebrated music, community, and the stunning natural beauty of the Walensee.

Lineup and Fan Voting

The KSOA organizers curated an impressive lineup featuring both established artists and promising newcomers. Thanks to a unique fan voting system, attendees had a say in which acts graced the festival stage. From local talents to international sensations, the diverse musical offerings resonated with the crowd.

Matrix Fine Chemicals: A Supportive Partner

Matrix Fine Chemicals, an international company with strong regional ties, proudly supported the KSOA as a premium sponsor. Their commitment to fostering creativity and cultural events made them an ideal partner for this vibrant festival. Through their sponsorship, Matrix Fine Chemicals contributed to the success of the event, ensuring that music lovers enjoyed unforgettable moments.

The Most Beautiful Venue

The KSOA owes its magical atmosphere to the stunning location provided by the town of Walenstadt and its supportive residents. Nestled by the Walensee, surrounded by rolling hills and majestic mountains, the festival grounds offered an unparalleled backdrop for music, laughter, and camaraderie. As the sun set over the Walensee, Matrix Fine Chemicals stood alongside other sponsors, contributing to the festival’s success. Their support exemplified the spirit of community and collaboration that defines the Kleinstadt Open Air.


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